Objectives of  Inner Wheel
To Promote True Friendship
To Encourage the Ideals of Personal Service
To Foster International Understanding

Any woman who shares the three central aims of International Inner Wheel can join the organisation
Members achieve these aims through Club events, which combine personal service, fund-raising, fellowship and fun, united by friendship and a common aim to serve the local community.
Members give practical support as well as financial help whenever there is a crisis, whether this occurs locally, nationally or internationally, for natural disasters or for people suffering in war-torn regions. 

Who We Are

International Inner Wheel is the administrative body that acts as the umbrella for the organisation worldwide. We are one of the largest women's organizations in the world and are active in more the 103 countries. We have more than 100,00 members in 3895 clubs.

The Inner Wheel Club of Ottawa is one of six Inner Wheel clubs across Canada and was Established in May 2014. It is a non profit charitable organization with 20 members and growing. 

Benefits of Membership

When you join the organization, you’ll become part of a network of friendship embracing 103 countries.  You’ll develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills and will become part of a community based on friendship, support and love.​ 

To become a member of the Inner Wheel Club of Ottawa please email: innerwheelottawa@hotmail.com